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Day 73: Autumn sunshine

Autumn is a bit unusual here at times. You can go from flipping freezing mornings to 22 degree T shirt weather by tea time. Makes deciding what to wear for work a little tricky at times! I can see why kiwis swear by layers… Continue Reading “Day 73: Autumn sunshine”

Day 43: two cheeky little recipes!

Another sunny day in Southland means only one thing: outdoor pursuits of some sort! So I headed off on a wee bike ride before tea. Yep, it was warm! 

Day 8: study day

Here we are at the start of a new week, and unfortunately, my bike ride afternoon didn’t quite go to plan. Instead I ended up sorting out a whole lot of administrative business instead, so I decided to use my remaining time between work… Continue Reading “Day 8: study day”

Long bike Sunday: sunshine and wind wind wind!

I was actually expecting today to be a rowing day, but it didn’t turn out like that, rowing was off. So, I decided to go for the long bike ride instead. I have been adding time on gradually,  so all was under control, or… Continue Reading “Long bike Sunday: sunshine and wind wind wind!”