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Battle of the Bermuda shorts: life from the slow lane

You notice all sorts of things from the slow lane, where your head is above water and you can look around you! Aqua jogging allows me to people watch, well, what else is there to do!

Budgie smugglers, breast strokers and Loreal flicks

It’s been a hilarious week in the pool, and I have noticed things I have never noticed before, because I am usually too busy motoring up and down the fast lane, then dashing to work!

How to rehab a knee injury

I have been researching how what you eat can help with injury rehab, but obviously the important thing is what training to tackle to deal with rehabbing an injury.

The benefits of aqua jogging

Coach gave me aqua jogging in my schedule this week for the first time. This is in preparation for my knee operation on Monday. To be honest, I hated the whole idea.