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Here’s a selection of  some of our personal favourites, along with some previously ranked top 5 most read articles. These get updated regularly so keep checking back! 

tired-runner-cartoonIs it possible to exercise too hard to burn fat? Many people new to exercise, who have decided they need to lose body fat and revamp their diet think that the best way to gain amazing immediate results is to dash to the gym and work you butt off. It this true?

the helmet that saved my life

Helmets save lives. (VIDEO CLIP) Helmets are not law in all parts of the world, for cyclists. They are here in New Zealand, but are not in England and many parts of Europe. Here is a personal account of my first accident and head injury, where my helmet saved me, and subsequent links to other real life stories that people shared with me. 

Why high elbows for front crawl? Effective front crawl arm action involves engaging the biggest muscle groups in the shoulder, for maximum power. But, which are those? 

The Triple Brick magic At first it sounded mad but you will be surprised at how much speed you gain when you train with multiple brick sessions. It gets your muscles used to working during fatigue. Here’s a free set for you to get you started.

Jog Northants: Nutrition and Weight management talk Sports nutrition and weight management talk (VIDEO CLIP) We were asked, as part of Northamptonshire Sport’s ‘Jog Northants’ series, to do a nutrition and weight management talk at the new triathlon shop Tri-RunningWe managed to capture the talk on video – here it is for those who missed it. 

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