4/5 Swedish massage

Image result for swedish massageIn part 4 in our mini series, jenny explains how this is a short but effective massage works on specific areas. This massage includes additional strokes including kneading and trigger point therapy. We’ll let Jenny explain.  Read More

3/5 Myofascial release

Image result for myofascial release massageIn the third in our five part series Jenny explains another highly specialised massage technique, even deeper than deep tissue massage: how it works and what it can do for you.  Read More

2/5 Manual Lymphatic drainage

Image result for lymphatic drainage royalty freein part 2 Jenny explains what lymphatic massage is and how it might help you. This is a rare and highly specialised massage technique. Read More

Introducing our new Massage therapist Jenny!

Here is our new therapist Jenny! She comes with a wealth of experience and qualifications! In part 1 of our 5 part mini series she tells us a little bit about herself.  Read More

Toddlers fitness classes: Active explorers are in the room!

We are so excited to have the daycare centre next door come in for fitness classes with their class of 2 year olds, and 3-4 year olds! It’s so awesome watching them develop, support each other and even tidy up unprompted!

Here is how they went this week!  Read More

Daily #17: creating peace

A step away from the normal day for some self peace: here is how I did it.  Read More