#37 Why do I have high cholesterol?

 This is a common complaint, but What causes it and what are the warning signs that you should NOT ignore? Read More

#36 Why do I have high blood pressure?

This is a common complaint that we see, but what can you do about it yourself? Read More

#35 Why can exercise help with back pain?

Why 34 Back pain is a common complaint but did you know that exercise can help to cure the problem? Here’s how. Read More

Megan’s Update: National and International competition!

So… its been a busy couple of months since I last wrote one of these.

Dancing wise I have competed at the Southland Championships, a local competition and the 18 & over New Zealand Championships. These were all great competitions and I feel like I danced my heart out at all of them. Read More

Toddlers team building fitness

The under 3’s have been back in the building again this week, we are working on moving your body in different ways, trying new things and helping others. Here is how they have got on.  Read More

Meet the staff: Trina Woodcock

Image may contain: 1 person, smilingWe decided to continue on the same vein and make it into a mini series and introduce ALL our staff! So this week is Trina’s turn. She has been with us almost a year, so we thought it was about time!  Read More