When is the best time of day to exercise?

This is such a popular question, and has so many facets for an answer that we thought we would give you our opinion (and a few facts) on the matter.

We have so many different requests for workout times that it just is not possible to cover them all off sometimes. So why are there so many different opinions and preferences on this? Lets look at some science. Read More

What is REPS? Are your staff properly qualified?

Register of exercise professionalsThis is not something we have been asked that often, but it is something that has come up again recently so I thought I would address it again thoroughly.

Neither the fitness or the massage industries are regulated by any type of compulsory governing body. Read More

Reframing negatives into positives: creating a compelling future

Image result for reframeNothing in life ever goes quite like you would want it to, otherwise we would live in the ideal world, wouldn’t we!? So, what do you do when you’re faced with a lot of these curve balls, how do you get yourself back on the right track?

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Winter blues; bottling the exercise buzz!

Everyone knows what it’s like to struggle with the winter blues: dark mornings, days and nights make dragging that booty out to do a workout all the more challenging.

I often get asked

how do you do it?

So’ I’ll try to break it down into steps that will make you sure to succeed. Read More

What does massage actually do?

A curious yet super simple question that we were asked last week: so here is the answer in non technical language! Read More

Ryding2Health weekly show 4/2/19

The Ryding2Health weekly show, Monday 4 Feb. MASSIVE MEMBERSHIP DEAL ON THE SHOW TONIGHT.. valid for only 48 hours!

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