Race taper, Orthotics and cook fest!

Taper week, and i think i have JUST recovered from the beasting at the track with the new run coach last week!! (i had to postpone the saturday run TT though!!) i was meant to meet him again this Tuesday, but TBH, with a race at the weekend i gotta admit i chickened out – for fear he will do to me what he did last week, and i will once again barely be able to walk!
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Back to Weight Watchers I go!

Well, here we go, blog number 1. Leading into the Europeans I got a foot injury, not the best of timing! As always I continued to work hard, but got frustrated by the foot, so went to see a podiatrist. He took ages telling me the long long list of things I have wrong with my feet and used me as an educational tool for the podiatry students who were there that day! Read More