3-2-1 Diet update – It’s been ten weeks…

Ok, I think I am getting to grips with this! I got this diet advice from nutritionist Becky White at http://www.onesixeightfitness.com It took a while and I have been speaking to some others on twitter who tried it too. I have been following it 10 weeks now. (If you have been reading my food diaries, http://www.melanieryding.co.uk/#/last-weeks-trainingdiet/4542843916 you will know I am better at it sometimes than others!) In 10 weeks, I have lost 10 pounds! This has not been a steady 1lb a week mind you, so do bear that in mind. This is without calculating, keeping a strict diary, nothing like I have been doing with weight watchers in the past. Read More

Cross Country always hurts, I’ve decided!

This second race of the season was never going to be pretty! I was scheduled for a run metabolic assessment (Vo2Max) on the Saturday morning, the only time Coach could fit me in. Oh well, cross country is only a bit of fun, she says! Read More

1st Cross Country of 2010

For some reason, I seem to find it acceptable to take a casual stance to cross country. I enter the races knowing I will not do too well against ‘proper’ runners, (compared to triathlon that is!) yet I love them!! I take a lot of time organising for my club to be part of the Cross Country League. We only joined last year for the first time, and it went rather well, we finished further up the league than anyone expected (including us!) Read More

The 3-2-1 Diet

A little while ago now coach and I decided between us that there may be some performance gains to be had if I was to attempt to become leaner. We decided 7-14 pounds was the initial realistic aim. The target weight was one I had achieved in the past, but I was training for a half iron distance triathlon at the time so it was easier to do (I remember due to the volume of long distance training I struggled to keep weight on at that time actually!) I tried the return to the weight watchers diet. It had always worked excellently for me. This time, though, I struggled. On weight watchers, I just wasn’t getting enough calories to sustain the volume and intensity of the training. I became very tired, and my performance started to suffer. Read More

ITU World Championships – Race Report (Hungary)

A wet wet wet wet day! I saw a woman called Kim the evening before, she went through mental preparation techniques with me. I tried in a short 1 hour session to learn as much as I can about correct mental preparation. I couldn’t even tell you what she did to be honest, but I woke up on race day feeling ok, calm, and ready to race. The plan was to focus on my own race, although I wasn’t sure how well I could do this, because I normally spend most of my time worrying about where everyone else is!
Read More

Hungary day 1 – marathon run v BUS!

Up very early (5,.30am) on day 1 here in Budapest. Hubby decided that since there was a half marathon in town, he wanted to take part in it, saying he would use it as a marathon training ‘jog out’! Since I squeezed my Saturday training into Friday, because we were travelling out on Saturday, Sunday was scheduled to be my second whole day off. Very odd, but I thought I had better dedicate some time to poor Mark, since he spends so much time being my triathlon support team! So we decided to NOT negotiate the complex transport system and got a taxi to the start line! Read More