I Give up!!

Sounds like I’m quitting with this weight loss thing? Well not exactly. Over the past few weeks, I have found my training hitting a new low, struggling to generate power and almost grinding to a halt out on the roads. I discovered that weight loss and high intensity training were a difficult combination. Coach said it was down to the lack of fuel and negative calorie intake per day. The balance is very tricky. On the first week, lost 2.5 lb. Great! Week 2, gained 1. Oh, but I was away for the weekend anyway, so it could have been worse. No matter. Week 3, lost 4lb but also lost a truck load of speed and energy. At the time, I didn’t put 2 and 2 together and was just happy to see the weight melt away! Week 4, lost 1 lb, better I thought, that’s sustainable. Week 5, gain 1.5lb. hmmmph. What happened there? Week 6, this week, lost 0.5lb. That’s ok I guess, since I am STILL trying to find the balance between fuelling my body for training while still losing weight. ITS HARD MAN!! Read More

The Orthotics journey

It’s been a long long journey to get to where I am now, but I wanted to share it, in the hope that others won’t give up on the process.

My orthotic journey goes back a few years. Quite a few. I never really thought about my feet until I started running. Well, you don’t, do you? I have always had weird bones sticking out in places where other people haven’t, I have always known I have very flat feet, so what? I kinda have two ankle bones on the inside, which made it difficult getting shoes when I was a kid, extra bits sticking out and all. My parents and my sister have always made fun of what they called my ‘bobbly toes’ but, who cares, I wear shoes, you don’t stare at peoples feet, do you? Its only now I know why. Read More

The weight loss hamster wheel

I wondered whether I should just avoid this weeks blog. I spend a lot of time encouraging and congratulating other people who do well and achieve their goals, got to stay positive, right? Not so easy. Any weight watcher will know that. Read More

The weight and training balance dilemma!

Since my last race, I have really been getting into the swing of watching what I eat again. When I was first introduced to the idea that weight loss could help me in race situations, I realised on return to the scales, that I had let almost 9lb slip back on. Ooops. It’s just a habit I got out of, like we all do.  I had started to get lazy, eat more junk, stop cooking as much. So I embraced the home cooking again and got back out the low fat cook books. Read More

Barton Marina Sprint Triathlon

It seems ages since I last raced, and a funny thought that the last one was in fact the European Championships in Athlone! This really was only a race pace training session for me, but as always, i want to do well, even if that is not supposed to be the focus!

I have never been to Barton-Under-Needword before, or even done ‘chaserace’ race before so i had no idea what to expect.

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Race taper, Orthotics and cook fest!

Taper week, and i think i have JUST recovered from the beasting at the track with the new run coach last week!! (i had to postpone the saturday run TT though!!) i was meant to meet him again this Tuesday, but TBH, with a race at the weekend i gotta admit i chickened out – for fear he will do to me what he did last week, and i will once again barely be able to walk!
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