Runners arms – do they matter?

When I was at the track with my coach this week, he accused me of sticking my elbows out – and kept yelling at me. I know I used to be REALLY bad for this, but I thought I had fixed it. It seems not. BUT – does it really matter I wondered? My usual curious mind set about locating the answer. Read More

Fingers apart or fingers together – which makes for more swim propulsion?

Just before I set off to the pool this morning, I took my rings off. My husband asked what was I doing? I said I can’t get my fingers together to swim with all the rings on. He asked me why I would want to, because all the Pro’s on the television don’t, they spread their fingers.

He had a point. So the whole time I was swimming up and down I wondered which was better, fingers together or fingers apart. I set about finding out the answer to the question!   Read More

Planning Your Triathlon Season

1) Set your goals:

What are the 3 things you want to achieve this year? Make sure your targets are
realistic, measurable, and performance related. For example the first year i properly
planned my own season, my goal was simply to complete a half iron distance triathlon. Then set your training objectives. There are fitness realted toargets that will help you achieve the goal.

Read More

A Murder at the track on Saturday!

Its been a helluva week. I currently have no car, so I am having to cycle absolutely EVERYWHERE and have been doing so for a month now. At first, it was cool, not a problem, but now, its getting kinda wearing. I liked the aspect of choice related to the journey to work – shall I go by car or by bike? Hmmmm, currently – no choice! Despite this, I have managed to re-jig and get through almost all my training, as well as cycle commuting to work every day.

MINT-EASE – what is it and what does it do?

I was asked to review this product, as a result of my sports masseuse using it on my shoulders the other week. I asked what it was he had used, as it very much reminded me of another oil I use that I got from a Chinese herbalist quite some years ago that gave me a warm yet cool soothing glow. So here it is: Mint-Ease Read More

Gerrit’s Success with the 3-2-1 diet

Gerrit Van Doornik (@GerritvDoornik on twitter) is a student from the Netherlands. He has undertaken a fund raising project with some friends, who are all completing a range of endurance events to help raise money for a charity called ‘right to play’. You can read about here. Read More