Awesome Novelty Cakes from ‘The Happy Little Cake Company’

‘The Happy Little Cake Company’

The Northampton based company
I am so pleased to be able to introduce you to my good friend Vicky’s new Northamptonshire based novelty cake company. The first cake I saw of hers was this one, a TRI SUIT, just identical to the one our club wears. To be honest, I thought ‘why is she showing me a picture of a suit, I know what it looks like, I have one!’ Then I realised that it was in fact a cake!!!

I have always been flabbergasted by the amazing celebration cakes she comes up with. There seems no restrictions to her amazing talents, and I am truly not just saying that because she is a friend! She has made caravans, tents, flip flops, gardens, hills and array of different vehicles!! The pictures that are on her web site are a fraction of her many cake talents!

I Discovered Today, that I am a Triathlete

This may seem a little odd to you, after all, I have been competing in triathlon for a few years now, been to two world championships, one European championships, of COURSE I am a triathlete, you are thinking? Well, let me explain. Read More

NLP Revisited: Preparation for the Season Ahead

I was looking forward to this consultation for quite a while. Kim Ingleby had been so great the last time I met with her that I couldn’t wait to see what else she could teach me! I was asked to fill ‘a few questions’ before the consultation. A few questions!?? I was travelling down from visiting family up north and it took me the entire duration of that car journey to fill in those ‘few questions’!

Does ‘carb loading’ really work?

This is something that was flagged up in a recent nutrition talk by Javier Gonzalez (Northumbria University) at a local athletics club. It was mentioned again on twitter recently as a question, so I thought I would look into it.

Perfectly timed hills

This week coach was unable to meet me so I was left with instructions to do some hills. Usually, I do alright with self motivated instructions, but there is that extra little level of motivation that is associated with a coach standing yelling at you each time you pass him during a lap, instructions yelled at you from afar at all points on the track!

What are the benefits of fish oil?

This question was posed to me by @onesixeightfit (Becky White) and I said I would look into it. First, however, let me establish a few basic facts first:

What is the difference between fish oil and cod liver oil? Many people get confused about the difference between fish oil liquid and cod liver oil. You can consider cod liver oil as fish oil+. The 2 are the same except that cod liver oil contains natural vitamin D and A.’ Read More