ITU World Championships – Race Report (Hungary)

A wet wet wet wet day! I saw a woman called Kim the evening before, she went through mental preparation techniques with me. I tried in a short 1 hour session to learn as much as I can about correct mental preparation. I couldn’t even tell you what she did to be honest, but I woke up on race day feeling ok, calm, and ready to race. The plan was to focus on my own race, although I wasn’t sure how well I could do this, because I normally spend most of my time worrying about where everyone else is!
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Hungary day 1 – marathon run v BUS!

Up very early (5,.30am) on day 1 here in Budapest. Hubby decided that since there was a half marathon in town, he wanted to take part in it, saying he would use it as a marathon training ‘jog out’! Since I squeezed my Saturday training into Friday, because we were travelling out on Saturday, Sunday was scheduled to be my second whole day off. Very odd, but I thought I had better dedicate some time to poor Mark, since he spends so much time being my triathlon support team! So we decided to NOT negotiate the complex transport system and got a taxi to the start line! Read More

Training fuel, aspartame & weight loss

 Another tough weight watching week this week. I thought I had been good, but 0.5 on. On-off-on-off – getting a bit fed up with this. I asked for some nutrition advice. Becky White from asked me to fill in a food diary for three days. I explained I was struggling to maintain training and weight loss at the same time. She came up with some very interesting results. Not at all what I expected. I recently cut back on what I eat – understandably. She told me I ought to double the size of my breakfast – that it should be the biggest meal of the day. AND… I should try and do some training BEFORE breakfast – to maximise fat burning. Sounds tough stuff to me! Dinner also should be my lightest meal. Gosh, that’s going to take some changing!!

I Give up!!

Sounds like I’m quitting with this weight loss thing? Well not exactly. Over the past few weeks, I have found my training hitting a new low, struggling to generate power and almost grinding to a halt out on the roads. I discovered that weight loss and high intensity training were a difficult combination. Coach said it was down to the lack of fuel and negative calorie intake per day. The balance is very tricky. On the first week, lost 2.5 lb. Great! Week 2, gained 1. Oh, but I was away for the weekend anyway, so it could have been worse. No matter. Week 3, lost 4lb but also lost a truck load of speed and energy. At the time, I didn’t put 2 and 2 together and was just happy to see the weight melt away! Week 4, lost 1 lb, better I thought, that’s sustainable. Week 5, gain 1.5lb. hmmmph. What happened there? Week 6, this week, lost 0.5lb. That’s ok I guess, since I am STILL trying to find the balance between fuelling my body for training while still losing weight. ITS HARD MAN!! Read More

The Orthotics journey

It’s been a long long journey to get to where I am now, but I wanted to share it, in the hope that others won’t give up on the process.

My orthotic journey goes back a few years. Quite a few. I never really thought about my feet until I started running. Well, you don’t, do you? I have always had weird bones sticking out in places where other people haven’t, I have always known I have very flat feet, so what? I kinda have two ankle bones on the inside, which made it difficult getting shoes when I was a kid, extra bits sticking out and all. My parents and my sister have always made fun of what they called my ‘bobbly toes’ but, who cares, I wear shoes, you don’t stare at peoples feet, do you? Its only now I know why. Read More

The weight loss hamster wheel

I wondered whether I should just avoid this weeks blog. I spend a lot of time encouraging and congratulating other people who do well and achieve their goals, got to stay positive, right? Not so easy. Any weight watcher will know that. Read More