Eton Sprint Triathlon 2011 – Beijing World Qualifier

On the run up week to this race, I felt great. I had not been in a stress, had not been uber-analysing the lists, past results, the enemy, etc as I usually do. It really was going quite well. On race morning, though, it was a different matter. After calmly and rationally packing my kit the night before (without feeling the need to check and recheck), on race morning I began to feel quite sick with nerves. So much so I almost was unable to eat breakfast. ‘It’s just your body preparing you for success’ I told myself, like David Sutton, my strength coach has been telling me. Read More

Athlete Profile: Michael Frasca

Michael Frasca, Australian Pro swimmer, is our Pro interview for May 2011

Time Trial Journeys

I managed to get a few time trials in before the triathlons start in earnest this week.

Race 1 – Salcey Forest

It would be fair to say the first one didn’t exactly go to plan!! It was only one week after being given my new Argon18 time trial bike. One might assume that a bike so new would not have time to loosen up yet? Oh no! Read More

Grendon Triathlon Season Opener 2011

On the run up to this race, I have been feeling strangely calm. It probably has, in part, something to do with the NLP sessions I have been having with Kim Ingleby, and the fact that it is merely a warm up race for me. I was aware that there was an AMAZING top field in the women’s race (Lucy Gossage, Marie Rabie, Lou Collins, Sky Draper, Lucy Smith!) however that was not bothering me.
I have done a great deal of different things this year, training wise. I have also gone up into the next age group, so don’t know ‘the enemy’ as well. Although both these things made me uneasy, I think I was alright about it.

TYR Nest Pro – The Goggle revelation!

I am a bit of a traditionalist. I am not very adventurous, so when I find kit I like, I tend to stick with it. This could be construed as logical, or in fact as limiting, depending which way you look at it. Read More

Lumie Lights product review update; one month on

It has been a month since Lumie sent me a lamp and an alarm clock to try. I had read about light therapy but was, I must be honest, a little sceptical to say the least.

I have been using the lumie alarm clock regularly. My husband, who works night shifts, also uses it on occasion during the day. Read More