Self Belief

Today was a busy day. I hate Tuesdays! I had NO time to think about the track session I had in store for me with my run coach. Perhaps this is best I wonder? I did my usual dash in dash out with 20 minutes to spare between work and the arranged meet time. As I whirled through the house, hubby asked what I was doing today… ‘I can’t remember’ I replied, ‘I don’t think he’s told me’ and rushed off out the door. Read More

Autism and the Autistic Spectrum

As you may or may not know, I am by day, a special needs teacher. I have always been one for supporting the underdog. 7 years teaching permanently excluded students in a pupil referral unit taught me to see the finer details, and judge progress on a whole new parameter. Read More

Energy Bars and training fuel… my reviews

I have tried MANY MANY different bars and things on the quest to find one i like. I struggle to take food on while cycling, and tend to opt therefore for gels and drinks in race situations. Whe i am training, and its not as urgent. i tend to vary what i take with me. It has cost a fortune in stuff i have bought then thrown away, so i thought i would share my verdict in the hope that I can save you a bit of money (and time!) Read More

The hilarious goings on on the track this week!

I did a run training session today with Kieth Molloy, my run coach. He was under orders from Steve Casson, my triathlon coach, to go easy on me because it is recovery week. I asked him last week what he had in mind, I was told ‘agility’. this meant nothing at all to me!! Read More

What turbo trainer? The beginners guide

What is a turbo trainer?

 It’s a gadget that allows you to turn your road bike into a stationery training tool. Read More

3-2-1 Diet update – It’s been ten weeks…

Ok, I think I am getting to grips with this! I got this diet advice from nutritionist Becky White at It took a while and I have been speaking to some others on twitter who tried it too. I have been following it 10 weeks now. (If you have been reading my food diaries, you will know I am better at it sometimes than others!) In 10 weeks, I have lost 10 pounds! This has not been a steady 1lb a week mind you, so do bear that in mind. This is without calculating, keeping a strict diary, nothing like I have been doing with weight watchers in the past. Read More