Energy Bars and training fuel… my reviews

I have tried MANY MANY different bars and things on the quest to find one i like. I struggle to take food on while cycling, and tend to opt therefore for gels and drinks in race situations. Whe i am training, and its not as urgent. i tend to vary what i take with me. It has cost a fortune in stuff i have bought then thrown away, so i thought i would share my verdict in the hope that I can save you a bit of money (and time!) Read More

The hilarious goings on on the track this week!

I did a run training session today with Kieth Molloy, my run coach. He was under orders from Steve Casson, my triathlon coach, to go easy on me because it is recovery week. I asked him last week what he had in mind, I was told ‘agility’. this meant nothing at all to me!! Read More

What turbo trainer? The beginners guide

What is a turbo trainer?

 It’s a gadget that allows you to turn your road bike into a stationery training tool. Read More

3-2-1 Diet update – It’s been ten weeks…

Ok, I think I am getting to grips with this! I got this diet advice from nutritionist Becky White at It took a while and I have been speaking to some others on twitter who tried it too. I have been following it 10 weeks now. (If you have been reading my food diaries, you will know I am better at it sometimes than others!) In 10 weeks, I have lost 10 pounds! This has not been a steady 1lb a week mind you, so do bear that in mind. This is without calculating, keeping a strict diary, nothing like I have been doing with weight watchers in the past. Read More

Cross Country always hurts, I’ve decided!

This second race of the season was never going to be pretty! I was scheduled for a run metabolic assessment (Vo2Max) on the Saturday morning, the only time Coach could fit me in. Oh well, cross country is only a bit of fun, she says! Read More

1st Cross Country of 2010

For some reason, I seem to find it acceptable to take a casual stance to cross country. I enter the races knowing I will not do too well against ‘proper’ runners, (compared to triathlon that is!) yet I love them!! I take a lot of time organising for my club to be part of the Cross Country League. We only joined last year for the first time, and it went rather well, we finished further up the league than anyone expected (including us!) Read More