Snow running – Why you SHOULD do it!!

I tried my first attempt at snow running tonight. I have to be honest, it didnt fill me with thrills for many reasons:

  • I’m rubbish on uneven surfaces as it is and sprain my ankle at the drop of a hat!
  • I still have a cold, and sitting here is much more preferable, its cold out there!
  • I had been ordered to run the whole run in zone 1 because I am still ill, which sounds BOOOOORING! Read More

What is base training and why do it?

When I first started out as a triathlete, I remember going for regular winter runs round the local reservoir (a 6 mile loop) and to keep up with the crowd, my heart rate was in the high 170’s and it felt like hard hard work yet I really wasn’t moving that quickly. The people I was running with always used to go on about how they were running ‘aerobically’ today, and keep their heart rate around 145. WHAT!!!!??? Read More

Brett Sutton IM talk interview (part2) IM talk, episode 241

Brett: I have great athletes that have ironman bodies and short course heads. You need the mentality. An athlete he trained said ironman was the most boring thing he had ever done in his life. He stopped and sat on the side of the road! You also have the other people who are the other way round, they can’t do the distance physically but like doing longer stuff slower. Ironman is a psychological makeup. Read More

Brett Sutton interview (Part1), IM talk episode 240

This is a LONG LONG interview, so I decided to try and summarise the main points that Brett makes in this interview. Please remember he is talking from a long course triathlon point of view, in the most part.

Brett Sutton is lead coach with team TBB. Read More

Opticians helps athlete with sight on success

AN OPTICIANS in Wellingborough is sponsoring local triathlete Melanie Ryding as she represents Great Britain at international level. Read More

Even I am not invincible!

I learned a few valuable things this week. It’s been a tough tough week, both work, training, and socially. I also have had my boiler break down – big financial stress, throughout this week I have come to learn a few things (through reflection, at the time I was NOT seeing it this way!) Read More