The anatomy of the knee: joint replacement explained

Using a model of a knee joint I explain firstly the anatomy of the knee and how the joint works, then I go on to explain the three types of knee replacement operation and the reasons for each. I am talking from personal experience, having already had an ACL graft and now on a waiting list for a full knee replacement. Continue reading “The anatomy of the knee: joint replacement explained”

#30 Why should my health be my top priority?

This Was originally going to be a rant, because I am a little tired of people making lots of excuses for not prioritising their health and happiness: too busy, too much work, bla bla bla. Then I got some shock news about a friend / colleague I used to work with which changed my whole approach to this week’s why.

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Podcast #17: the Longevity revolution

 Inspired by a recent talk I went to by Geoff Pearman on life after 50, in today’s episode I discuss the notion of aging and retirement, challenging you to think about things differently.

Life expectancy has extended over the years, however that doe not necessarily have to mean that all we did is extend old age.
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Under 3’s active Explorers: final visit :(

Today was our last day with our under 3’s active explorers. It has been so awesome to work with them and watch them grow and learn so fast! Today we got our big tyre back out, the one they were too afraid to try on their first visit…

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