Have a knee injury and need prehab / rehab advice?

Are you looking for a personal trainer who REALLY knows knees and can REALLY help you get back to fitness? Look no further!

Diane came to see Melanie because she had a knee injury. She has since been told she will ultimately need a knee replacement, so her goal is to put off the surgery for as long as she can. Here is Diane’s testimonial along with how you can contact Melanie to find out more about how she can help you too.

Melanie has space for TWO new clients and delivers her sessions via Skype as well as face to face, meaning as a client it doesn’t matter where in the world you are.

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Manual lymphatic drainage trials: Treating Fibromyalgia pain symptoms

Image result for fibromyalgiaBackground on the trial

This trial has been organised independently by Melanie at Ryding2Health Ltd Invercargill. We were interested to find out whether there was evidence that MLD could help manage symptoms for sufferers of fibromyalgia because we see so many people with this diagnosis in our massage clinic (usually to receive deep tissue massage). We had read research online that suggested that it could be the best form of massage to treat fibromyalgia but we had no evidence of this on a personal level. 

All the participants of the trial have had a formal diagnosis. They have all agreed to a minimum 4 weeks of treatment – at least one 60 min treatment per week. All participants are not currently actively participating in any other complimentary therapies to treat their fibromyalgia and have agreed to let us share their results on social media and for marketing purposes, if the results prove to be positive. 

None of the participants have previously tried MLD as a form of treatment for their fibromyalgia. Read More

Is running slowly better for my knees?

Image result for running slowerThis was a great question, posed to us by a runner client of ours who is suffering from knee pain. He is training for a middle distance triathlon and wanted to know if running the long distances slower would be better for his joints. What a great question? Read More

What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Image result for lymphatic systemThis is the newest massage service on offer at Ryding2Health, but what is it and who can it help? Well, let us explain! Read More

When is the best time of day to exercise?

This is such a popular question, and has so many facets for an answer that we thought we would give you our opinion (and a few facts) on the matter.

We have so many different requests for workout times that it just is not possible to cover them all off sometimes. So why are there so many different opinions and preferences on this? Lets look at some science. Read More

What is REPS? Are your staff properly qualified?

Register of exercise professionalsThis is not something we have been asked that often, but it is something that has come up again recently so I thought I would address it again thoroughly.

Neither the fitness or the massage industries are regulated by any type of compulsory governing body. Read More