What should a personal trainer look like? *Warning* Rant alert!

maxresdefaultI have had multiple chance encounters this past few weeks that have left me feeling puzzled, upset, confused and downright angry! It all started with my visit to see Embrace. This whole thing started off really positive, then descended into something else entirely.  Continue reading

Diet tricks for a healthier weekend

fast-food-drive-thru_hiohzrDuring the workweek you’re pretty good about sticking with healthy habits. You order oatmeal for breakfast, hit the gym during your lunch break and whip up simple, light dinners after work. But Friday night through Sunday, something changes: Weekends mean time to let lose and that translates into eating and drinking too much paired with moving too little. Even when you can anticipate the challenge ahead and mentally prepare, the sabotage keeps happening. Continue reading

Strength training: what’s that?

Image result for strength trainingWith the abundance of choice that we have, when it comes to choosing exercise options, it can be hard to decide what’s important to add in to a workout.

At the end of the day, moving and being active in any way is a great start. However specific types of exercise have some pretty awesome benefits, and strength training is one. Strength training is exercise that uses some form of resistance to make muscles contract which builds strength, anaerobic endurance, and muscle size and shape. Continue reading

Taking the Plunge to help Kiwi Kids

stuffThe “drop your boss” fundraiser is back on in Invercargill next month, after its inaugural event in the city last year.

On December 3, Southland bosses will be dropped (with the proper safety equipment) from the 18 metre high Invercargill fire tower to raise money for the Graeme Dingle Foundation. Continue reading

A guide to getting what you want without wasting time, effort or money

Image result for lifes too F***ing short I went to the library for a wee while to kill time while in town on Saturday. I always go to the same section, perhaps pick up a poetry book or something, and still in the stillness for a while. But this book jumped out at me, and I ended up taking it home with me to read! It will take me more than one article to tell you about its wonders so I will do it in instalments. Today we talk about the beauty industry and how we always seem to structure our lives around misery and things that we hate. Continue reading