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Room: 4 walls, or a space?

This weekly photo challenge – although multi-interpreted, only has one meaning for me.

Photo challenge: wooden Bridge art

The art that sprang to mind for this challenge was wooden bridges. Railway bridges. I see bridges like this up and down this fair South Island, and each time I find them utterly amazing. Think of the feat of engineering that allows these to… Continue Reading “Photo challenge: wooden Bridge art”

Weekly photo challenge: Letters

Interesting challenge this week, ‘share a photo with letters — no matter the alphabet.’  but I almost immediately knew what photo I wanted to use: one I took while in Beijing a few years ago. These ladies and gentlemen practice their calligraphy on the floor… Continue Reading “Weekly photo challenge: Letters”

Weekly photo challenge: Threshold!

Threshold doesn’t mean a doorway, a step between one event and another, to me threshold means anaerobic, at the absolute limit of what you can do, pushing yourself to the edge. The two photos I have chosen for this daily post are as follows:

Photo challenge: reflection

My favourite photo of the Cathedral caves. Taken with my phone! I was super impressed how it came out!

My greatest treasure

Is obviously my husband, but I don’t think that is what this weeks photo challenge meant. If we are talking about material goods, it has to be this necklace. My mum gave it to me, as a gift before I left the UK to… Continue Reading “My greatest treasure”