Category: Weekly Photo challenge

Yellow sunny summer Christmas!

I tried an interesting combination of daily posts today. This weeks photo challenge is ‘yellow‘. For me down in the Southern Hemisphere sunny Christmas time, this is quite straight forward. 😀

Angular sand?

I have a slightly unusual response to the photo challenge this week.

Could you represent your greatest achievement in one photo?

This is a fun photo challenge this week! It is difficult to just choose one photo that means achievement for me, so I have three. There is past, recent, and future. Let me explain.

Raindrops: minimalist photography

This weekly photo challenge immediately brought this photo to mind that I took just the other day.

My dreamy enchanted forest

Every time I go tramping, I find the lush green forests here simply stunning, I could take a photo at every corner, and I don’t think I will ever get fed up of it.

Look out for the wise sign…

When I saw this week’s photo challenge, entitled ‘signs’ I wasn’t sure what to use, till I spotted this in a local pub. They usually have silly little quotes on this board.