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Paint on the Happiness!

This last trio post of 2014 was actually quite simple for me today. Here in the photo trio we have Pharell Williams, my relocated bookcase and a cracked panel heater. Here’s how they go together.

Summer Christmas is all wrong!

I have been struggling to get seasonal at all since moving to the Southern Hemisphere. I find it all a wee bit odd to be honest, on many levels.

Personal Trainer accreditation here I come!

The only deadlines I have at the moment are coursework deadlines. I’m almost done with my Personal Trainer qualification, well ahead of the coursework deadline. Only a couple of assignments left then the practicals. (Anyone local who wants to be in my coursework video…

Writing my own book: how do I start?

The object of my dejection as mentioned in today’s daily post is probably my autobiography, something that I haven’t even started, let alone finished! The thing is, how do I start?

Unsung heroes: my anonymous hero

This is a brilliantly timely daily post. My unsung hero is going to remain nameless. That’s because they are the kind of person who doesn’t like drawing attention to themselves. They don’t ask for thanks, or help, they just do what they do.

29 consecutive months: my POSTADAY marathon!

I wasn’t going to write a daily post response today, well, that was until I saw what today’s daily post was, then I simply HAD to! The question was how long have you managed to pull off a daily post to your blog.