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Organizing the week; 10 top tips to get you ahead

We always seem to complain there isn’t enough time to do what we want to do: but do you make the most of your time? I’m picking there’s always something we can do better. So here’s ten top tips for getting ahead as you…

Teachers change lives: Walshaw Pram pushers!

My school years are memorable, and not necessarily for positive reasons! I have several memories of teachers who made an impact on my life, negative, dramatic, making me much more determined! From eccentric to the terrifying here’s a small run down!

Rain, soil, happiness, home

I love word challenge posts, so here’s my post on today’s three words.  I decided to write a poem today. Hope you enjoy it. The three words are home, soil and rain.

Daily post: Is there a sailor?

‘Open your nearest book to page 82. Take the third full sentence on the page, and work it into a post somehow.’ Jeez that’s a hard daily post. My nearest book is Terry Pratchett!

Wake up and live!

‘Pick a random word and do a google image search on it. Check out the 11th picture and write about whatever it brings to mind’. This was the 9th and my word was ‘happiness’. I tried ‘fun’ which was the first word to mind,…

Solace, soothing memories on the sea

I love this daily post, the topic today is water, in its many forms. Water is quite special to me for many reasons. I find comfort in it, memories in it, happiness in it.