#27 Why does stopping smoking make me fat?

smokingThis was a statement that a client brought to us earlier this week, saying a medical professional had told them that smoking speeds up your metabolism and therefore if you stop it will slow down thus making you gain weight.

We were, obviously, extremely keen to find out if this was in fact true. Continue reading “#27 Why does stopping smoking make me fat?”

What’s The Secret to a Long and Healthy Life?

It’s exercise!

When we think of the benefits of exercise a few common ones always spring to mind; fat loss, increased energy, and strength and muscle gains.

But the benefits of regular exercise and physical activity reach much further than this, with life changing benefits extending to prevention and management of some prevalent conditions. If you have been thinking about getting moving, it’s never too late to start, adding years to your life.

Here are some common conditions where exercise can have significant benefits to your health and wellness: Continue reading “What’s The Secret to a Long and Healthy Life?”

Students fear for their qualifications

Credit: Stuff / Fairfax media 2016

Thank you to the Southland Times and Stuff for publishing this story. We are simply trying to get to the bottom of what has happened to Fitlink, plus how our staff can get their courses completed without any further cost or inconvenience.

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