Category: Training

Day 55: swimming motivated by the surroundings

The people around me do amuse me sometimes, specially when I am simply there to swim up and down and they all turn it into a competition! I used it today as Fartlek motivation!

Day 52: Sea swimming in the rain 

So the forecast was rain today. So what, I told hubby, its wet in the sea, what does it matter whats happening in the sky!

Day 51: taking out Riley

I was having a bit of a dilemma today: rowing or swimming, the water and the day was beautiful, if I had time I would have done both! As it was, rowing won simply because I haven’t been recently.

Day 50: back to the track- slopey cycling!

Back to the track this evening could mean only one thing: hard assed work, fast legs and slopey cycling!

Day 46: Challenge Wanaka race build up

Two major things to report today, the weight update and  the start of the Challenge Wanaka road trip in preparation for the big day on Sunday.

Day 43: two cheeky little recipes!

Another sunny day in Southland means only one thing: outdoor pursuits of some sort! So I headed off on a wee bike ride before tea. Yep, it was warm!