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Day 87: Pay attention – small steps, big steps, they’re all steps!

Today was a lovely day, a warm and sunny autumn day, it seemed rude not to go for a ride. I took the P2 out, as the road bike is now set up form hubby. It’s been a while since I regularly rode it…

Day 84: long long swimming!

I went for a swim today. Is was pretty much my view. Boredom wasn’t the word. And why?! Because I went at a quiet time of day and had no one to look at! 

Day 80: accidental speed cycling!

I said to the hubby as I left the house this afternoon – I am not cycling hard today, just a pootle, see you in a while. Erm, oops!! It didn’t quite work out that way!!

Day 78: Meltingly!

 Hubby came home from work today and I must have looked a right state. I was on the last rep of the Sufferfest’s ‘a very dark place’ and the place was so dark, I wasn’t communicating and waved for him to come back in a…

Turbo training tips Wednesday

As the autumn sets in, the weather gets darker and colder, here’s a few indoor turbo (erg) sessions for you to try, keep things varied and sharp 🙂

Day 76: cutting carbs 

A photo of my dinner: why? It’s an illustration of how to have dinner without major carbs included. Simple and easy tip if you’re trying to lose weight: try and make at least one meal of the day carb free.