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How to build swim fitness 

I was swimming with hubby today, in the glorious Gold Coast Aquatics centre, 3 outdoor pools, two outdoor fully equipped gyms! That’s when you know they don’t expect it to rain that much!   He regularly asks how does he get his swim fitness up,…

Use the environment, switch up training

I walked along the beach to central surfers paradise and my my my feet and legs knew about it! That was on on firm sand too! 

Hate running? Try this: running with a difference

I have to admit, I wondered what the chuff hubby wanted to do orienteering for, seemingly pointless running around with a map. But… I am slowly beginning to see the merits, specially for beginners to exercise. 

Today’s training tip: spinning warm ups

Today’s spin class was a good one, I knew it was hard when the class were tired after the warm up! Oops! But, how do you warm up for a static spinning session? 

Day 94: when no plan is a good plan

After spending the first few hours of today bagging garage sale bargains for the office, I decided to go for a swim. Ah, I’ll only do 40 minutes, I think. Ah, I’ll do 80 lengths, 60 isnt many. Ah, I wonder if I can…

Day 87: Pay attention – small steps, big steps, they’re all steps!

Today was a lovely day, a warm and sunny autumn day, it seemed rude not to go for a ride. I took the P2 out, as the road bike is now set up form hubby. It’s been a while since I regularly rode it…