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When is the best time of day to exercise?

This is such a popular question, and has so many facets for an answer that we thought we would give you our opinion (and a few facts) on the matter. We have so many different requests for workout times that it just is not… Continue Reading “When is the best time of day to exercise?”

Burning Rubber Boocamp! 

This is a new class we are developing, using Mark’s army background and functional fitness knowledge to produce a class that is like none of our other classes! If you want hard core, you got it! 

New class: what exactly is Spin Circuits?

This is a new concept we invented to enable us to add more spin to the timetable: but in a slightly different way. We have listened to feedback and our clients tell us that spin classes are so popular (we have almost a three… Continue Reading “New class: what exactly is Spin Circuits?”

Dragging your Sunday butt into action!

Sunday afternoon, feet up, howling gales and rain outside, feel like going to do some exercise? No, not really! With the Ruby a week away, I suppose I should!

Breaking down the 4km pool swim

4 weeks till the Big Ruby so I decided I needed to be less complacent and do some swim training! Today I aimed to do 4km. 

Big Ruby panic training!

So, where does a personal trainer spend their day off? Why, in a sporting establishment of some sort! Yep, long swim training on the day off.