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Sports massage testimonial: Birney

Birney has been a client at Ryding2Health for around 6 months. He competes in various sports and came to us to help speed up his recovery between trainings and competitions.

Personal Training testimonial: Kay

Kay came to Ryding2Health because she liked the accountability of having an actual regular appointment with someone who was checking you are doing what you should be! Here’s what she has to say.

Personal Training testimonial: Simon

Simon came to us after a few health scares and wanted to get his fitness back on track. Here is what he has to say about 1:1 personal training with Kimberley at Ryding2Health.

Personal training testimonial: Joy

Joy came to us because she had a knee injury that she was told would result in a total knee replacement. She wanted to put this off as long as possible, saw that Melanie had a knee replacement herself so knew that she would… Continue Reading “Personal training testimonial: Joy”

Personal Training testimonial: Mat

Mat came to use to improve his general health and fitness. He also got few other pleasant positive side effects too. Here is what he as to say about working with us.

Have a knee injury and need prehab / rehab advice?

Are you looking for a personal trainer who REALLY knows knees and can REALLY help you get back to fitness? Look no further! Diane came to see Melanie because she had a knee injury. She has since been told she will ultimately need a… Continue Reading “Have a knee injury and need prehab / rehab advice?”