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Everything related to the New Zealand World Championships trip, 2012

New Zealand video montage

I put together a montage to summarise my trip to new Zealand. Its just over 11 minutes long, and gives you a flavour of all the things that I did, saw and visited. If you want to read about it in detail, I blogged… Continue Reading “New Zealand video montage”

Auckland Museum

Typical, after a cloudy start, it’s a glorious sunny day in Auckland, wall to wall blue sky, as we pack and prepare for our long long trip back to the UK, 29 hours on a plane. Auckland Museum We checked the bags in at… Continue Reading “Auckland Museum”

Back to Auckland

Sad but true, the trip is coming to an end. Today saw us drive back to Auckland, deliver our hippie camper van back to the hire company, and return to the Rydges hotel for our last night in Auckland before flying home tomorrow.

Beautiful Raglan

We are off this morning, to drive up to Raglan, 2.5 hours unfortunately! The scenery was as ever, beautiful. Everywhere you look it mountains, and the only roads seem to be in valleys. Even the valleys are not flat, and some of the contours… Continue Reading “Beautiful Raglan”

Lazy days, Rapid days

Today is a mixed day. We have decided to do the river rapids this morning. We wanted to kayak to the carvings but it was cancelled, the winds were too high 😦 We wandered down to the lake to take a look and take… Continue Reading “Lazy days, Rapid days”

Weekly photo challenge: Foreign

I am currently in New Zealand, and when I saw this week’s photo challenge lots of things I have seen recently immediately sprung to mind! Here are a few of them. They include traditional Maori, geothermal experiences and more.