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‘Race day’ race report: Team M&M do Sovereign Triathlon Wanaka

Today was meant to be the alternative day for the Big Ruby swim. Sadly it was also cancelled. Why is this sad, I’m not doing it after all? Because I knew that meant that it was windy down at the lake for the triathlon… Continue Reading “‘Race day’ race report: Team M&M do Sovereign Triathlon Wanaka”

Day 13: a cancelled race and an odd thought

Today’s food wasn’t as usual, just as I expected. And, sadly, my Big Ruby swim race was postponed due to high winds. Now it clashes with the tri, so I won’t be able to do it any more. That sucks, because I really wanted… Continue Reading “Day 13: a cancelled race and an odd thought”

Dunstan regatta: day 2

Today I had two races again, 4’s and doubles. Everything was very relaxed and running to schedule when I arrived. Our borrowed no4 crew member said she could only sit on a stroke side seat (in 4’s each person has only one oar, not… Continue Reading “Dunstan regatta: day 2”

Dunstan Regatta day 1

Due to an injury following the Hump a Ridge walk (just tired leg need a new knee syndrome I think, it’s ok now, I rested it for two weeks) I missed the Legion regatta last week. This was to be my third race of… Continue Reading “Dunstan Regatta day 1”

Tour of Southland Stage 7: final stage

It was the final stage of the tour of southland today, we decided to watch, since we haven’t managed to see any of the other stages since the prologue. 

Invercargill RC sprint regatta race report

From distance racing to a sprint, this would be a complete contrast to last week, and a similar distance to the Bluff Regatta a few weeks ago.