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Big Ruby swim race report

This is a race that was meant to happen last year, and was a warm up for my team challenge Wanaka effort, me as the swimmer. It was blown off, quite literally, so this year, it was take two! In fact, the same weekend… Continue Reading “Big Ruby swim race report”

Day 67: Masters and Juniors regatta 2015

Southland put on a stunner of a day for this race, beautiful warm sunshine very little wind. That always makes rowing much more pleasurable! 

Day 48: Challenge Wanaka Race Day!

Our finish photo, although it wasn’t a day without dramas, just continue the team MARBEL dramas! 

Day 47: the day before race day

So, here we all are, in our team shirts and ready to go! Team MARBEL is made up of Mark: runner (centre), Ben: cyclist (right) and Mel: swimmer (left) swimmer – aka Me! We actually set off in reverse order to that, but that… Continue Reading “Day 47: the day before race day”

Day 41: Southland Open water swim champs

What a beautiful day for a swim, race, even if I was feeling CBA today! It was in Awarua bay, nice and local. It doubled up and the Foveaux Masters club champs and Southland open water swimming champs.

Day 34: Southland champs regatta

Eating back on track, mindset back on track, training back on track which is just as well, because today was race day: Southland Champs! People are also starting to comment so the loss must now be much more noticeable.