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What are the benefits of fish oil?

This question was posed to me by @onesixeightfit (Becky White) and I said I would look into it. First, however, let me establish a few basic facts first: What is the difference between fish oil and cod liver oil? ‘Many people get confused about… Continue Reading “What are the benefits of fish oil?”

Gerrit’s Success with the 3-2-1 diet

Gerrit Van Doornik (@GerritvDoornik on twitter) is a student from the Netherlands. He has undertaken a fund raising project with some friends, who are all completing a range of endurance events to help raise money for a charity called ‘right to play’. You can read… Continue Reading “Gerrit’s Success with the 3-2-1 diet”

Fructose research – is it REALLY bad for you?

This was a question someone asked me on twitter – they had read that fruit sugar is stored as fat, was this true? Fruit sugar is mainly fructose.So I asked a Nutritionist, and they said yes possibly, did I want to try a no… Continue Reading “Fructose research – is it REALLY bad for you?”

Amanda’s success on the 3-2-1 diet plan

Amanda is a rugby player that I know via Twitter (@singbo7, Little did I know, she had read about the 3-2-1 diet plan I posted on my blog, and decided she would give it a go. As you will read, she had AMAZING success.… Continue Reading “Amanda’s success on the 3-2-1 diet plan”

Kevin Currell, on Nutrition for performance

The information in this blog is taken from a presentation done for my triathlon club  by Dr Kevin Currell, Senior Performance Nutritionist, English Institute of Sport/British Triathlon. Kevin’s main philosophy on dieting has 4 main elements: Performance, it must be evidence based, individualised and… Continue Reading “Kevin Currell, on Nutrition for performance”

Does Fruit make you fat? ‘No Fructose Diet’ – final verdict!

Here’s the reason I started this experiment: Here’s the results from week 1: