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Top nutrition myths: busted

Because there is so much talk about food, it’s no wonder that there are so many myths and misconceptions surrounding nutrition – especially when it comes to the best advice for athletes in training. So, we examine, explore and even explode the top five nutrition… Continue Reading “Top nutrition myths: busted”

5 Foods you SHOULD eat

Food – how great is it? I love that we can fuel our bodies with fresh, whole foods that help us perform at our best. Here are five foods that you should try to eat regularly.

FOOD FOOD FOOD: Addiction and willpower

I can’t tell you how many times I meet people who claim to be addicted to food. They literally can’t stop eating sugary, salty and fatty foods and are desperate for someone to help them. They feel utterly powerless over their food choices and end up… Continue Reading “FOOD FOOD FOOD: Addiction and willpower”

Recipe: Pasta with mustardy chicken sauce

This is a recipe from an old recipe book that I decided to make during last weekends cookfest. Its actually really nice and only 285 calories per serving.

Explaining the labels: the nutrition maze

The labels are one thing that a lot of people find confusing so here is a wee precis of what to look for when trying to decide if something is good for you or not.

Simple low calorie soups: Carrot and Coriander

This is such a classic soup, so simple to make, and an awesome warming meal at only 68 calories per serving. Soup is a great way to have a low calorie filling and warming lunch on a cold winter’s day! This recipe serves 4… Continue Reading “Simple low calorie soups: Carrot and Coriander”