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Recipe: warm cous cous salad 

This post was promted by a client who recently said to me ‘Theres only so much salad I can eat before I get sick of it!’. Salads don’t have to be boring, neither does healthy eating!

High energy on less calories?

This blog is in response to a recent query by a client who felt they were struggling with energy levels on their calories restricted nutrition plans. So, here are some ideas for those of you trying to lose weight and still exercise well. 

Recipe: Rocket, pear, walnut and blue cheese salad

This was something I got while out for coffee today. I hadn’t thought of this combo for a salad but it was delicious! So I looked out a recipe so I can try it for myself. 

Your breakfast cereal is better for you than you think

The latest research suggests that our daily bowl of brekkie cereal may in fact be key to helping us live longer, healthier lives. Two of the key benefits of breakfast cereal are fibre and whole grains, both of which may contribute to longer lives… Continue Reading “Your breakfast cereal is better for you than you think”

Recipe: Healthy creamy Mexican kale salad

Hearty vegetables tossed with a tangy cumin flavoured dressing: perfect for spring / summer days. With 10g fibre per serving it is sure to fill you up. 

Recipe: Spicy pesto chicken pasta

This is a recipe we have tried a couple of times, it makes a beautifully simple filling dinner, or with a smaller portion, I have also used it as a lunch, on days when I have a busy class filled afternoon / evening.