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Free ‘Mental TOUGHNESS wallpaper!

Another of our free wallpapers, this one is entitled ‘mental toughness’. Theres a format for computer, iphone and Ipad. For the full range visit our web site

Free Ryding2Health Wallpapers!

Here is our very first set of wallpapers. We will, over time (and with your feedback) aim to create a series of motivational wallpapers. This is our first, with our slogan catchphrase on it. Let us know what you think.

NLP visualisation: How to keep count of your lengths!

I was in the swimming pool the other day, nothing unusual really, I go regularly. But this time, I managed to stumble upon a visualisation technique that helped me keep count of the laps. Yes, really! Want to know what it was?

A triathlete’s life: the amazing Chrissie Wellington

I met the amazing Chrissie Wellington the other day at the Triathlon show – the second time I have had the privilege actually. This time though, she was signing her book ‘Life without limits’. Meet Chrissie and get one of the most talked about… Continue Reading “A triathlete’s life: the amazing Chrissie Wellington”

PODCAST: Anchoring strengths

  In this podcast, we help you create some visualisation and anchoring techniques to enable you to recreate motivation and focus when you most need it!

PODCAST: Mindless Concentration

  Here we give you some relaxation and concentration techniques – practice practice practice and you will get better and better and better!