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There’s no time for ‘I can’t’

  I don’t know why I am seeing the world differently right now, but lately all the people on social media who are complaining, moaning about their ailments and injuries, the things they have decided that they cannot do, they are all getting to… Continue Reading “There’s no time for ‘I can’t’”

How to get back up once you’re down

It’s ok to feel down. Its ok to have an off day. Is it ok to give up right there and then? No. What do you do?

Offer I couldn’t refuse: the day NLP changed my life

Daily prompt: Offer I couldn’t refuse 2010. IĀ am in Budapest. Its the World championships, and its a couple of days before my big race. This is the second time I have raced in a World Championships, and although I am not as nervous as… Continue Reading “Offer I couldn’t refuse: the day NLP changed my life”

Motivational Monday

Here is a little video that, if you haven’t seen it, you NEED to watch it now. Read on…

Anxiety and sporting performance

A while ago I wrote a blog introducing how NLP can help you combat anxiety in your sport. Anxiety is a search term that is used a lot in google, there must be a lot of anxious athletes out there. Does your anxiety serve… Continue Reading “Anxiety and sporting performance”

Derren Brown – Russian Roulette: How did he do it?

Derren Brown is a world famous TV illusionist. ChannelĀ 4 call him a ‘psychological illusionist’. The ‘powers’ and methods he uses to create his illusions is widely speculated. In a recent programme aired on channel 4, he played Russian Roulette, using a contestant chosen from… Continue Reading “Derren Brown – Russian Roulette: How did he do it?”