‘You are not your mind’ – The power of NOW

I am reading a book at the moment called ‘The Power of Now – a guide to spiritual enlightenment’ by Eckhart Tolle.

It is advertised as a a spiritual guide teaching you how to live in the now and deal with everyday stresses. The author’s prologue states that he is not approaching this topic from any particular religious stand point although he does reference Buddah and the Bible at times. He says your future is created by your thoughts.

I am very interested in his approach, as a lot of these beliefs outlined are in parallel with the outlook of NLP and I believe there could be some advantages to be gained and elements both techniques could work well together.

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Research proves you CAN retrain how you think


This article in the Daily Mail is the closest I have seen so far to proof that NLP works. Know it doesn’t say that specifically, but it does in fact state that with simple mental exercises it is in fact possible to retain the way you think.

Training the brain to look for the positives, see things in perspective and, in effect, design and grow your own ‘rosé tinted glasses’ is what NLP is all about. Continue reading “Research proves you CAN retrain how you think”

Amazing children: bottle their courage

make it happenI have had quite a day to say the least. But that’s a story for another blog. I have met some quite amazing children over my time as a teacher. Children that face life threatening illnesses, major disability, one who was in a horrific car crash and is blind as a result, many many amazing children.  Continue reading “Amazing children: bottle their courage”