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When have you ever said ‘it won’t happen’ then it doesn’t?

Perception is projection. But what exactly does that mean? You are thinking it sounds like techno-babble, but I assure you this is a brilliant concept that can change your life.

When was the last time you thought ‘I can’t’ ?

Time line therapy is an incredibly powerful tool, which enables you to let go of limiting beliefs and open your mind to a more relaxed and happy you? You are thinking ‘what, are you saying that you can find me the ‘nirvana’?’

You are in charge of your mind, therefore your results

Life has natural peaks and troughs. Sometimes, we simply settle for less. You want to be the best you can possibly be. Because you open your mind to new mental strength techniques you will become brilliant. Yes? So many event soccur around us all… Continue Reading “You are in charge of your mind, therefore your results”

You want to succeed, right?

Your external world is a mirror of what is going on inside you. What does this mean exactly? This means life is limitless. You can change it any way you like by learning the skills to change how you percieve things.

NLP: an introduction

Do you want to learn how to control your own thought processes? Do you want to empower yourself? These days we live in a blame culture. How often do you see adverts on TV – no win no fee – we can claim for… Continue Reading “NLP: an introduction”

NLP Revisited: Preparation for the Season Ahead

I was looking forward to this consultation for quite a while. Kim Ingleby had been so great the last time I met with her that I couldn’t wait to see what else she could teach me! I was asked to fill ‘a few questions’… Continue Reading “NLP Revisited: Preparation for the Season Ahead”