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NLP on the running track

I had some heated discussion with my coach this past week. This doesn’t usually happen. Let me explain why.

Don’t let the nerves dominate!

‘I don’t want to let the nerves dominate, I want to do the best I can’ (Masterchef Australia contestant) Sound familiar? So, what is occurring here that does not best serve you? You are likely to be thinking

Be the best, eliminate the rest! Mark Cavendish can, so YOU can!

Do you have the focus it takes to be the best you can be? Mark Cavendish has. Does he use NLP? There are some clear signs that is entirely possible:

‘Every mouthful of food MAKES me feel guilty’

Have you ever thought this? Does Gary Barlow’s feelings and relationship with food ring a cord within you? Then NLP is for you.

Hypnotherapy: What is it, what should I expect? How does it work?

Hypnotherapy is widely misunderstood. It is not a procedure that is done ‘to you’, you will not always feel sleepy, mesmerised, and you will not be duped or made to do anything you do not want to do. Stage hypnosis and deep trance is…

Anxiety in sport (and life) – NLP can help!

Anxiety is one of the most critical emotions that any athlete may need to control. Too much perceived stress is usually the athletes / person’s view. This can be because they have an audience and / or they have extremely high expectations of their…