Statement: Fair go Interview – Fitlink

repsI thought it was perhaps the right time to make a public statement regards the long standing disputes that have made local and now national news regards Fitlink. As many of our clients will know, two of our staff were caught up in the crossfire when the Fitlink ownership dispute kicked off at the end of 2016. To be fair it was an incredibly stressful time for both our staff, and Ryding2Health as the employer trying to support them to become fully qualified personal trainers.  Continue reading “Statement: Fair go Interview – Fitlink”

Taking the Plunge to help Kiwi Kids

stuffThe “drop your boss” fundraiser is back on in Invercargill next month, after its inaugural event in the city last year.

On December 3, Southland bosses will be dropped (with the proper safety equipment) from the 18 metre high Invercargill fire tower to raise money for the Graeme Dingle Foundation. Continue reading “Taking the Plunge to help Kiwi Kids”

DROP THE BOSS: fundraiser: sponsor me!

Image result for drop the bossAs you may (or may not) know, Ryding2Health Ltd. is a member of the Chamber of Commerce Southland. Thus, I get lots and lots of network emails. One, today, popped out at me though as one worth replying to. Any charity raising money for kids is always worth it in my opinion. so, what have I agreed to do?  Continue reading “DROP THE BOSS: fundraiser: sponsor me!”

‘Does this work?’ Are you keeping up with the latest fitness trends?

No matter where you look there seems to be a new tool, workout or quick fix plan that promises great results. Unfortunately, many of the latest trends become old news as they quickly fall out of favour due to being incorrect or unsustainable.

It’s great that exercise and the exercise industry have the ability to change to reflect and embrace incoming science and innovation. This means that you can access the latest research and ideas, but just make sure that before you jump on the ‘next big fitness thing’ that you are confident it is not just a fad. Continue reading “‘Does this work?’ Are you keeping up with the latest fitness trends?”

The dangers of inappropriately qualified personal trainers

An American personal training client has recently been awarded a US$14.5 million verdict against a gym and personal trainer after he suffered a massive stroke that his lawyers claimed was caused by the trainer who was not properly qualified. Continue reading “The dangers of inappropriately qualified personal trainers”

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