Category: The Why? series

#36 Why do I have high blood pressure?

This is a common complaint that we see, but what can you do about it yourself?

#35 Why can exercise help with back pain?

┬áBack pain is a common complaint but did you know that exercise can help to cure the problem? Here’s how.

#33 Do high waisted pants stop me using my abs?

This is a curious question which led us to research high waisted, tight AND control pants!  

#31 Why do I sweat more when I am over 40?

This week’s question was asked by a female client of ours: keep the awesome questions coming!

#30 Why should my health be my top priority?

This Was originally going to be a rant, because I am a little tired of people making lots of excuses for not prioritising their health and happiness: too busy, too much work, bla bla bla. Then I got some shock news about a friend… Continue Reading “#30 Why should my health be my top priority?”

#27 Why does stopping smoking make me fat?

This was a statement that a client brought to us earlier this week, saying a medical professional had told them that smoking speeds up your metabolism and therefore if you stop it will slow down thus making you gain weight. We were, obviously, extremely… Continue Reading “#27 Why does stopping smoking make me fat?”