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Daily Sanity Diaries #16 – The supermarket Experience

Today I compare two major NZ supermarkets and how they are tackling Covid-19. Have you had an experience different to mine? Then let me know! (No names though!)

Daily Sanity Diaries #15: let’s look at the positives

Daily Sanity Disries #15] So, what have you achieved this first full week of lock down!? I’m sure there have been some positive things that have happened!

Daily Sanity Diaries #14: picking yourself up from a downer

There will be days when you hit a downer.. but how do you handle that and how do you pick yourself up again?

Daily Sanity Diaries #13 Look after your mental wellbeing

Two tips in today’s edition. While surviving in lock down it is important to look after both your mental as well as your physical health.

Daily Sanity Diaries #12 – making your temporary home office.

If you have a job that’s enabled you to work from home, it’s important to make yourself a new temporary work space. So here’s what mine looks like…

Daily Sanity Diaries #11: teachers tips on coping with lock down

In today’s edition we ask a teacher for some tips for parents on how to cope with Lock down!