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Daily #4: what are your mini triumphs?

I will be mini vlogging daily for as long as I can until I go under the knife to have a total knee replacement.

Daily #4: walking!!

Today’s daily: able to go for a walk when I can’t usually, plus today’s diet and fitness target if you’re following the journey with me.

Daily #3: the diet begins!

Here are the self imposed rules I have set for myself! Are you with me? 

Knee Vlog #2: Shopping trip and all change

I have decided to change my approach and shape up my ass with some PREHAB. Here is what I am changing in my diet to prepare myself.

Melanie’s knee replacement journey #1

I have decided to VLOG this journey in the hope that everyone can learn something about what a knee replacement journey involves. Here is no #1 (of many I expect!) Follow me on Facebook and YouTube to get them directly to your inbox.