Category: Knee Replacement journey

Daily #11: The pain cave

A couple of difficult days, so apologies for yesterday’s absence. Here’s why. *follow my journey daily towards and through a total knee replacement operation*

Daily #10: the drugs kick back

Today’s update – drugs problems again which isn’t ideal. *Follow my daily journey as I prepare for a full knee replacement. My goal is healthy eating and move more each day on the lead up to the operation in the hope that it speeds… Continue Reading “Daily #10: the drugs kick back”

Daily #9: shopping trip tips

I made an interesting discovery this weekend at the shops: find out what it was, plus I reveal my latest snack trial and what to look out for on snack labels.

Daily #8: getting through the weekend

Long working appointments are always a challenge, as are hefty pain killing drugs. How do you get through the temptation? Here’s my tactic.

Daily #7: the final piece of the puzzle

Last piece of paperwork heads back to the hospital today. How’s the SAY NO going for you?

Daily 6: strength gains

Today’s target for fitness: what are your continued triumphs? I will be vlogging daily right through till the day I go under the knife for a full knee replacement. Hit follow and do the journey with me