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#36 Why do I have high blood pressure?

This is a common complaint that we see, but what can you do about it yourself?

#35 Why can exercise help with back pain?

¬†Back pain is a common complaint but did you know that exercise can help to cure the problem? Here’s how.

Daily #17: creating peace

A step away from the normal day for some self peace: here is how I did it. 

Daily #16: work keeps getting in the way!

But the snacking is going well. The fitness not so.. *Follow me towards and through a full knee replacement with my daily vlogs*

Daily #15: MRI and they build me a knee!

This week I went to the hospital, apparently the images help them build me a knee. Plus more drugs experiments.

Daily #14: the great outdoors

Trying to keep moving despite the pain! *follow me towards and though a full knee replacement with my daily vlogs*