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My 2012 in triathlon

Here is a photo montage summarising my sporting 2012.

How to rehab a knee injury

I have been researching how what you eat can help with injury rehab, but obviously the important thing is what training to tackle to deal with rehabbing an injury.

How can Omega-3 and Omega-6 help with joint care?

It was only when I asked my coach about all the measures that I could put in place to help the knee repair itself, that I began to look into how important my diet could be.

How to get back up once you’re down

It’s ok to feel down. Its ok to have an off day. Is it ok to give up right there and then? No. What do you do?

Sport is my Oasis

Daily Prompt: “A sanctuary is a place you can escape to, to catch your breath and remember who you are. Write about the place you go to when everything is a bit too much.”