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A negative mind will never create a positive life

No, it sure didn’t. How many times have you set off on your day thinking ‘I KNOW today will be a bad day’? Guess what happens? it is! Why/ because you have a negative filter on today, and even if something good happened, you… Continue Reading “A negative mind will never create a positive life”

If you don’t get started, you can’t finish!

Another excellent variation on Carpe Diem. All too often people measure the,selves on something that has been and gone, someone else or something they don’t have control of. After postulating they then decide that it’s not practical after all, then give up. Have you… Continue Reading “If you don’t get started, you can’t finish!”

Look at the whole book, not just today’s page

I see this so often: we can be so focussed on the now that it creates tunnel vision and we forget about what’s around us. It’s human nature to surround ourselves with things we are familiar with, but have you been stuck on the… Continue Reading “Look at the whole book, not just today’s page”

Monday feel good challenge: You up for it?

I’m going to set you a challenge, are you ready for it? It sill be short, or long, that is up to you, but it is guaranteed to create more feel goods in your day. Are you ready? Can you do it?   Here… Continue Reading “Monday feel good challenge: You up for it?”

Day 90: ‘diet’ or way of life?

I was having a conversation with a client this morning – casual chat – when this topic came up, and she pointed out something vitally important for everyone who is on a weight loss drive.

Day 83: Delete the words ‘I can’t’ IMMEDIATELY!

I saw this photo on my facebook feed and I just had to share it, it says so much about so many things.