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Small steps, big steps, they’re all steps

   It’s the small things that we often don’t even notice. When I was a special needs teacher it was the small steps that became big ones. In personal training clients it’s the same. It’s all too easy to be focussed on the now… Continue Reading “Small steps, big steps, they’re all steps”

Morning thought: save yourself from the old

It’s all well and good having a grand idea for a new venture, fitness programme or healthy eating plan but what about what you have ‘always done’? 

Magic is happening…

I have seen a lot of this ‘magic stuff’ over the past week in R2H clients, which is just brilliant to see.

The reason you can’t? It’s all in your mind

 This picture is a brilliant illustration of the age old saying that all things that limit us are just in the mind. 

Motivational Monday: YOURE NOT TOO OLD!

I hear so many people make excuses as to why they cannot keep fit or do what they want to do. There’s so much research to show that staying active keeps you you healthy so it’s your job to FIND a way. 

You can always change today

So many people I know give up saying things aren’t how they want them to be.