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Be the Queen of YOUR life 

This is a wonderful little quote reminding us of how important it is to stay in this moment. 

No such thing as spare time

So very true. We haven’t a minute to waste, not a moment to lose. Don’t ever postpone a thing, doubt that you can, say that you won’t. 

‘Growing old is a blessing’

Having seen so many family and friends battle unfair illnesses and be taken too soon from this life, I cannot reiterate enough how much of a blessing life is.

Questioning the ordinary

I was watching a film last night about a guy who could time travel back to his life in the past. At first thought how cool, I could go back and see mum again, do things differently, make different decisions. Perhaps I would begin… Continue Reading “Questioning the ordinary”

How to stop feeling down and out

This is an article written by Heidi De Santo in the July edition of OH! Magazine: some tips to help create a more positive mind set from a therapist’s point of view. Accompanying it is this quote, one of my favourites. 

I choose…

I love this quote. It summarised my bullish attitude towards life. Quit messing about and go get it, no one else will do it for you!