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Monday thought: your path was the one YOU chose

  We are the creators of our own destiny. If you want a different destination, then choose a different path. You are in control, no one else!  

Live in today and be thankful you are alive

These days more than ever I am feeling the bite of mortality. I have seen many people pass from this earth, some close, some not so close: some older and some way younger. It just doesn’t seem fair some times. So why do we… Continue Reading “Live in today and be thankful you are alive”

Are YOU what you eat? Is that a good thing?

I Love this quote. It sort of sums up today’s society: ‘there must be a pill for that’. We seem to think that quick fix is the only way forward, we haven’t time to do things properly. Well, sorry, to make changes stick it… Continue Reading “Are YOU what you eat? Is that a good thing?”

Do what you love, love what you do..

 It’s all too easy to doubt yourself, take the safe path and convince yourself you are contented. However, have you ever considered making a life full of things you LOVE to do?

Tired of starting over? 

Are you tired of always having to regain the slimmer fitter you that you lost? The answer is simple: stop giving up in between!

Exercise = happiness! 

Not necessarily heavy lifting but you can see the sentiment. The positive endorphins created by exercise have scientifically been proven to improve mood.