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Massage therapy: what to expect at your first appointment

Massage therapy is a very much under-utilised form of treatment for a wide range of health issues. Many people who have not tried it are afraid of what to expect and this might stop them from coming in and giving it a go. So…

#24 Why is high blood pressure so dangerous?

Here’s this week’s why: high blood pressure. It’s the single biggest and most common reason we have to stop a health and fitness check and refer to a doctor. It’s something Dr Tom mentioned too in his recent Invercargill seminar.

#23 Why do I have shin splints?

 This is a deceptive term that in this weeks episode I explain properly, along with symptoms, causes and treatment options for if you think you may have it.

#22 Why do I have muscle numbness?

 This is our trickiest and most intriguing question yet, and although we did some extensive research we are not totally sure we have the answer. Here is what we did manage to find out. 

#21 Why do we strengthen muscles and not tendons?

 This weeks question is a more technical question, a great one too. We regularly talk about strengthening muscles, but what happens to the tendons? 

#20 Why does exercise make you happier?

Why does exercise make you happier? Some might say it is because you get to punch people without going to jail, or because you get top eat more of that junk food than if you were not exercising, however here is a slightly more…