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There’s no time for ‘I can’t’

  I don’t know why I am seeing the world differently right now, but lately all the people on social media who are complaining, moaning about their ailments and injuries, the things they have decided that they cannot do, they are all getting to… Continue Reading “There’s no time for ‘I can’t’”

How to rehab a knee injury

I have been researching how what you eat can help with injury rehab, but obviously the important thing is what training to tackle to deal with rehabbing an injury.

How can Omega-3 and Omega-6 help with joint care?

It was only when I asked my coach about all the measures that I could put in place to help the knee repair itself, that I began to look into how important my diet could be.

The food / exercise balance

Andrew Castle asked me when he interviewed me on GMTV how I lost my weight. ‘Easy’ I replied, ‘eat less, and do more!’ That is still the answer, it’s all a case of balance.

The power of endorphins

Do you ever wonder why you feel better after a long run, a good night out or a good laugh with friends? It’s not just because you’ve relieved exercise guilt or been cheered up by a joke. That elated feeling, which can last up… Continue Reading “The power of endorphins”

‘Moobs’ surgery in men doubles, there’s more than one solution!

The daily mail reports that men seeking surgery to remove excess skin around their chest area (often referred to as ‘moobs’) has doubled in the last five years. The problem is often caused by obesity, hormone imbalance and certain drugs such as anti depressants,… Continue Reading “‘Moobs’ surgery in men doubles, there’s more than one solution!”