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Channel 4 Dispatches; have you watched it yet?

If not you should. It confirms many things that I have said already about diet programmes, I urge you to watch it. 

Dieting can make you fatter!

I have said this before, but I always seem to end up in similar discussions where people simply do not understand because of effective media brainwashing.  The conventional approach to dieting is a disaster.

One way to prevent thyroid failure

Initial smptoms I felt very tired, generally unwell, like, all the time. It was preventing me from training. I had a sore throat that lasted for weeks, and it was also affecting my voice. I became really concerned. Someone suggested thyroid, because I was… Continue Reading “One way to prevent thyroid failure”

Are the New Year fad diets safe?

I was alarmed to see on the news today that equalities minister Jo Swanson was concerned about the dangerous imbalanced fad style diets that magazine are promoting in January: Crash diets to get rid of your Christmas fat. My concern is that this seems… Continue Reading “Are the New Year fad diets safe?”

Finding a voice: severe brain injury

I’m not one to get emotional when watching programmes on TV, I don’t cry at sad endings, I don’t usually scream at scary films, but this programme brought a few tears to my eyes to say the least.

Will more sleep make me slimmer?

On my very first TV appearance, stated that the answer to how I did it was simple, eat less and do more. But is it really that simple? Some sources say not. What else is it then?